Enter into an event based personalized dialog with users !

KILA can operate a Precise targeting of users for a communication campaign through the combination of multi-criteria such as: geographic, automatic generated profiles, tastes, type of device(s) most or less used, consumption pattern (period of day when consumption is higher or not, revenues generated by user for a specific service or globally), QoS incidents experienced and much more…
This capability can be used by your marketing and CRM teams to engage a personalized, event based dialog with users. For instance, you can use the system for:

  • Personalizing offers and messages based on each beneficiaries’ tastes and/or specific behavior (using a lot a tablet, or a PC, rather than the TV set +/or related to their consumption time habits, etc.),
  • differentiating between active users (customers) and non-active (prospects),
  • Avoiding the “bonus taking effect” of special bargain commercial offers
  • The definition and management of automated marketing campaigns allowing the bundling of services with free content, limited spot offers, personalized rewards and promotions through vouchers, etc.
  • Using the favorite communication channel of each customer for promotions and campaigns: conduct campaigns through SMS, emails, messages on TV or other screens , messages through social networks, based on users’ preferences or profiles,
  • Tracking of sales and analysis of marketing campaigns results, through real-time graphical statistics,


Optimization of marketing campaigns:

16-efficiencyAs long as a campaign includes a return action by users (eg.: click on a link for a survey, return answer, order, use of a voucher/coupon, etc.), KILA provides detailed reports and statistics on results of the marketing campaign,
For A/B testing, KILA allows the withdrawal of a sample from the target of the campaign and compares results of the campaign with the neutral sample,
This method is also used to alert your marketers when it is time to interrupt a campaign which has been planned on several batches (when results start degrading, or results are not interesting anymore),
KILA is a machine learning system: it can automatically re-integrate results of a campaign or survey within the system, to enhance your database precision.


Raise Loyalty, Upsale, and reduce Churn !

06-14-overviewKILA studies the past behavior of customers who have churned and learns to classify their behaviors. It then compares these elements to the existing database and can extract from it all customers who demonstrated a similar recent behavior. These customers are considered as very likely to churn in the near future.

In the same way, KILA can predict other types of behavior such as:

  • Customers most likely to buy a paid subscription or to upgrade or downgrade their subscription soon, 
  • Customers most likely to buy premium content soon, etc…

KILA enables to create up-sale actions, by helping users to be informed about packages or proposal most appropriate to what they like.