THE Data Management Platform (DMP) for TV and VIDEO !

Precise and versatile targeting
Using the KILA build-in segmentation capability, Advertising space sellers can build, for each campaign, or each advertiser , a target that is defined for their communication and advertising objectives. At each time of the day, KILA calculates the target membership of users connecting, therefore enabling to print the right advert, according to advertisers target objectives.

Better manage your yield
KILA also predicts how and when users of a defined target will connect to the service. Therefore, this capability enables publishers to better manage the yield for their business, as KILA can predict the impressions and GRP (Gross Rating Point). Business rules are then applied to manage impressions during the campaign. Being the specialist of Video, KILA provides a very high reliability on its predictions. Video Entertainment behaviors are different from web browsing, and therefore more appropriate to predict user presence in front of Video services.

Cover the full market
KILA solution works on all devices, including Set-Top-Boxes, TVs and Tablets, which audiences are now above 50% in all major markets, and growing as Video audience on PCs are declining.

Differentiate advertising space
The Video entertainment user experience is different from the web browsing experience. Users willing to be entertained are not in the same mood, and are maybe more accustomed and more open to messages proposed to them. This is recognized by the advertising industry where the value of advertising on TV is high. Furthermore, CPM prices are smashed down on the web as the advertising space offering is growing exponentially. TV and Video entertainment publishers have therefore an interest to differentiate their Video entertainment space from web pages. KILA offers that differentiation by providing target definitions that are fully coherent with the behaviors of users within the VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT experience.