KILA Systems provides the most advanced BIG DATA INTELLIGENCE and PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS solution, specifically designed to meet the needs of the Media Industry.

Positioned as THE Data Management Platform for TV and Video, KILA enables to build value with data directly owned by its customers, with outstanding and actionable results

With the “USER INSIGHTS ANALYTICS suite”, KILA brings an unprecedented knowledge about Service provider’s end users (from multiscreen behaviors to prediction about users’ presence in front of the service), directly usable by Marketing and operational teams. The suite enables, for instance:

  • to build smart customer segmentation and marketing models
  • to measure precisely and exhaustively how the users engage with the service (including per user segments)
  • …and many more

Based on the unique insights uncovered by the “USER INSIGHTS ANALYTICS suite”, KILA Systems also offers concrete actionable business solutions to help its customers shape their business into the changing environment. For example, some of these solutions enable service providers:

  • to customize the service depending on user profiles
  • to target advertising to specific users (and prediction of GRP & ads impressions for each campaign)
  • to optimize content sourcing, and content marketing to users
  • to engage with users a customized dialog to strengthen loyalty (up sale, cross sale, churn management)


Using the latest technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence and neuronal networks, KILA Systems is making Smart Data a reality.

The KILA Systems’ solution is based:

  • On KILA patented technologies and algorithms that are at the core of the prediction and behavior analysis capabilities
  • On Open source software on which KILA’s core technologies are ported.

KILA Systems is compatible with most of the “No SQL” database solutions available on the market.